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Toronto Office – Ontario Managed IT Services



Apogee IT Services Canada

Our Toronto office is the main centre where we support our Canadian clients, continuing the close and authentic relationship small and medium businesses in Toronto have come to expect.

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150 Ferrand Drive
Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 3E5


IT Management & Services Available to Small & Medium Businesses in Canada

Our technology services include Apogee’s Core 4 and many others:


IT Strategic Planning


IT Security
(including audits)


Onsite IT support


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery


Help Desk


Remote Monitoring & Management


Vendor Coordination


Cloud Services


System Implementation


System Assessment




But Apogee isn’t just about the technology or the services. It’s about you, the client. It’s about our proven process called the Apogee Advantage, which puts you as the buyer first. It sets your company up for success by providing IT solutions that align with your goals.

That alignment, those shared objectives are how we’ve helped over 375 companies with a 97% client retention rate. And it’s why we keep growing.


History of Apogee IT Services Canada

Our Toronto office was founded when DSM Computing Solutions united with Apogee, forming Apogee IT Services Canada.

DSM Computing Solutions was founded in 1988 and served over 275 clients in Toronto, Ontario, and across Canada – as well as the United States. DSM was a pioneer in cloud computing and cloud strategy for over a decade and shared the same culture and Core Values that has made us a leading managed services provider. Together we offer our clients: 

An industry-leading managed services offering.

 Clients for 20 years.

 A 97% client retention rate.

 A passion and desire to be a partner for their customers.

 Deep commitment to Core Values.

 IT management experience across many industries


Need IT Management for Your Toronto Business? How Apogee IT Services Canada Can Help

“Your help on the weekend made all the difference meeting our deadline.”

“The Help Desk is the best part of what you do. They are always efficient and polite.”

“Help Desk was fantastic…problem solved!”

Want to be able to say the same thing about your IT support? Our Case Studies share real-life stories and show how Apogee is the partner you want to take your business to the next level.

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Clients in the US & Canada

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