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The Attorney’s Guide to Reducing IT Pain

Attorneys can’t afford to suffer at the hands of their technology. So, how can your law firm overcome the unique IT challenges of the legal industry?

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11 Keys to Network Security

IT security has never been more important or vital for the life of a business...large or small. Your business is a target, so it's time to find out if you've got the bases covered and discover how to arm yourselves against the bad guys. 

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The Essential Guide to Multi-Layer IT Security

It's a scary world out there when it comes to technology. Is your business prepared for a cyber attack? Get this free guide to make sure your IT is protecting your business and customers the way it should.

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IT Security

It seems the bad guys are everywhere. The best way to safeguard your business is with a strategic, multi-layer security profile. With Apogee IT Services on your side, you'll rest easier knowing you're protecting your company, your customers, and the information you value.

Data Protection

Have you ever lost data? With technology becoming increasingly embedded in every aspect of business operations, your data has never been more important. Our robust approach ensures your backups occur time and time again, and your data protected in multiple ways. 

Network Monitoring

How's your network running? We believe preventing problems is always best. We proactively monitor critical system information in real-time to build the best possible IT environment and address issues before they become disruptive problems. It's all about reliable, good IT.

Help Desk & Support

Our friendly and dedicated IT support is devoted to keeping your systems up and running, and your employees productive. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or help desk support, be assured we are here to help when an IT issue arises and you need us most.

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“Prior to switching to [Apogee] over six years ago, I used a single individual. While using the dedicated individual, a significant amount of data was lost; individual down time rates were too high; and our costs for the service increased significantly year after year. Once I switched, I have never lost data – in fact our backup procedures are enhanced; individual down times are rare and are measured in minutes, not hours; and annual costs have remained well below our historic costs.”

                                                 - Rose Hoover, Executive VP & CAO, Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation