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We live in a business world with limitless options, and the IT industry is no exception. Managed services providers, break-fix providers, various vendors, in-house teams, outsourced companies, etc.

So when you’re considering an IT provider, you look for differentiation – reasons why a company may fit you better than another. One reason is your industry.

IT needs can vary greatly depending on the industry, which is why you’ll want Apogee on your side. We are up-to-speed on the latest developments that impact your business.

Education: Security & Computer Technology 

Educational organizations may face a variety of struggles when it comes to IT, which is why developing an IT strategy is critically important to keep information technology healthy over the long-term. Unfortunately, IT pain can be an obstacle for education without the right internal personnel to develop and execute a strategic IT plan.



Financial Services: Security Compliance & IT Standards

Financial services companies like financial planners need to protect information relating to clients’ bank accounts, assets, and other private information.

Larger banks need to meet a number of security criteria to be compliant with regulations, and smaller financial services companies may soon need to meet a similar set of criteria. They also need to make sure they back up their data.

Manufacturing: Proactive & Reliable IT Management

If you lead a manufacturing company, you may have an ordering and purchasing system you need to operate, which means that for every minute a network is down you could lose thousands of dollars. Your network and infrastructure needs to function well with all of your systems and equipment. You also may have other methods of backup such as tapes.

Law Firms: Data Backup and Secure Sharing

If you work for a law firm, you use line-of-business applications to manage cases. These programs house private client information…everything from social security numbers to medical records, from previous employers to contact information. Usually you also need to use the same information and pass files back and forth.

This type of work requires a high level of network performance and a multi-layered security profile, both for your own sake and to protect your clients. You also need to know that your information is being backed up and stored correctly.


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Aim Higher and Expect More With Apogee IT Services

At Apogee IT Services, we pride ourselves on delivering proactive, reliable IT that just works. It’s who we are to the core, and it’s how we’ve earned recognition as one of the best MSPs worldwide. It’s why we have longtime clients in these industries and more.

Combined with our best-in-class standards, national and international recognition, meticulous approach, and an experienced team available to you around the clock, and you’ve got the ideal local choice for your IT. We call it our secret sauce, but to us it’s just how we do IT.

Contact us or call us at  +1416-398-7855 to learn more. 

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