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What Are Managed Services? 

In the IT industry, managed services may be a familiar term. But it really isn’t the greatest name. If managed services was invented today, we’d call it “IT management as a service.”

A company’s network and infrastructure impact end users’ activities every day. For most businesses, IT is a critical component of their operations. Without properly designed, implemented, and functioning IT, you won’t get the most out of your investment — and you’ll likely cost yourself money…possibly a lot of it.

Managed services provide a turn-key solution for businesses as a way to achieve their overall IT strategy.

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MSPs: Who We Are

A managed services provider essentially handles most or all of a company’s networking and infrastructure needs. 

Some IT companies offer managed services as one portion of their overall business model, but they make most of their profit from other revenue streams like product sales, installation services, web hosting, break-fix services, and software development.

For us at Apogee IT Services, managed services is our bread and butter. Really, it’s about providing the end results of what companies want: keeping your systems stable and trouble-free. Managed services is the ideal way to accomplish that.

A good, reputable managed IT services requires staff to have the right set of technical skills and soft skills, and a dedication to methodology consistent with best-in-class standards.

Typically MSPs target small- and medium-sized businesses. In other words, companies that would be looking for an IT provider that can own their IT or work closely with one in-house technologist.


What’s Included in a Managed Services Contract?

Again, it depends on the provider. That’s why it’s very important to ask the right questions when you are searching for an IT provider and understand what’s included in the managed services contract. Ask for a service description or definition, if it’s not included in the sales or onboarding process.

In our case, we offer a comprehensive list of services, either included in the Apogee managed services solution; or scoped, quoted, designed, and implemented as part of a client’s overall IT strategy. Our capabilities as an MSP include:

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Get the Most Value Out of Your IT With an MSP

Comprehensive Offerings With One Provider:
We reduce the number of cooks in the kitchen, eliminates confusion, and establishes a consistent framework that allows your IT to perform at an optimal level with greater efficiency and fewer issues. 

Predictable Fee:
We provide a predictable monthly bill so you have a good idea of what you will need to spend each year and stay on track with your operating budget. The break-fix model forces you to roll the dice and spend money when things break, which oftentimes costs thousands more – especially when you factor in loss of productivity, loss of revenue, and overall damage to your company reputation.


We communicate with our clients on a regular basis through several touch points, beginning with our client onboarding process and continuing with quarterly newsletters, status updates during projects, and annual Client Loyalty surveys to tell us how we are doing.

Local MSP:
Some companies are leery of outsourcing their IT, especially to a company they don’t feel they know or to one located far away. A lot of work can be done remotely, which reduces costs, but it’s still just as important to be able to trust your IT provider. After all, they hold one of the keys to your business and impact everything you do.

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