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Apogee Is An Award Winning IT Provider

Why Do Our Customers Choose Apogee? Because We Excel.

At Apogee IT Services, we're regarded as one of the best IT service providers worldwide. With offices in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ontario, Apogee IT Services has been recognized by Channel Partners as one of the best IT service providers in the world.


This recognition paired with our Core Values show why customers choose us as their IT provider.

Our Core Values

  • We Are Advocates for Our Clients.
    Our clients give us our purpose. They trust we will be there when they need us, and we will do whatever it takes to exceed their expectations. We provide them with guidance in THEIR interest, anticipating their long-term needs. We must earn their trust every single day.


  • We Are Committed to Our Company, Our Team and Each Other
    We take pride in delivering world-class IT. No technologist – no matter how talented – can do it on his/her own. We have each other’s back. Our company provides a long-term career for our employees. We are stakeholders in each other’s future.


  • We Persevere in the Face of Challenge
    Our role is to take the complexity and mystery out of technology, creating world-class IT for the clients that rely on us. Delivering on that promise presents many challenges. Apogee people are here not in spite of those challenges, but because of them. We overcome obstacles with creativity and determination, meeting our commitments to clients, our company and each other.


  • We Are Relentlessly Consistent
    World-class IT is consistent, reliable and predictable – day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. We achieve this by establishing and following standards, and by documenting meticulously. Methodology is our guiding star.


  • We Always Strive to be Better
    In business and in life, there is moving forward and there is moving backward – there is no standing still. We continually drive forward as a company, as a team, and as individuals. In everything we do, we believe we can ALWAYS do even better.


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